About 12 years ago, I launched Vital Coaching which was born out of the urge to help people optimize their lives.

Life coaching was the perfect vehicle and still is for so many life challenges people face.

The core quality you get from coaching is power!

This power comes in the form of new life tactics, energy, new perspectives, motivation, realizations, emotional support, nurturing space, etc.

I always function with a clear code of ethics and coaching agreement with my clients.

This professionalism creates a coaching space which is safe and nurturing.

In 2012 after 10 years of successfully coaching hundreds of clients and publishing thousands of pages of content, books, videos, podcasts, I took off on a deep Himalayan journey.

The paths of Yoga and Tantra have been with me since I was 12 when first coming accross yoga writings from various masters.

This trip to the Himalayas to one of the sources of the Ganges is where some of the essence of Yoga and Tantra originates.

Taking this trip and trekking for days up this remote valley was like going back to the very origin of Yoga and Tantra.

I was strongly guided by the guide teachers that have been present energetically for me for the last 25 years.

I ended staying in a small cave at 5000 m elevation and in this sacred space, the vision and energy of VITAL TANTRA clearly emerged.

It was like taking the full set of VITAL COACHING teachings and putting them within a Eastern body.

It is as if the spirit of TANTRA took my teachings, digested them and gave them back to me in the form of RAJAYA TANTRA.

I already adopted the name SHIVA RAJAYA years ago.


It refers to the free flow of universal life force that flows through us.

It refers as well to the freeing power or Kundalini Energy opening rivers of life force in our being.


I kept getting clear insights, visions and inner instructions on what to do with this new impulse.

RAJAYA TANTRA is a new lineage within the TANTRA SYSTEM.

I saw various aspects of the complete system that was going to emerge over the following 2 years.

The revelation of RAJAYA TANTRA is a very clear vision of a teaching appearing to me.

My mind gets activated and I see mind sets and the full architecture with techniques and methods of transmission.

I get as well mantras associated with this system and strong fiery impulses to dive in extended practices.

In the various periods and days that I stayed in this remote Himalayan area I often wake up before sun rise and walk to a hill top and start activating my being with mantras and breathing techniques.

It is real bliss and energy coming my way, inspiring me with clear visions and directions.

This is the inspiration flow in which you might be too as a Yogi or Tantrika.

You feel this inner fire driving you forward and giving you energy!

You probably recognize that.

In parallel with the term RAJAYA TANTRA, I started as well using the expression VITAL TANTRA to see which one of these two terms would stick best in a western environment.

VITAL TANTRA is the expression I use now when talking about what I do and launching new events.

VITAL COACHING is still totally there and I still have coaching clients, publish books, videos, audios and articles under that brand.

VITAL TANTRA and VITAL COACHING are now 2 parallel systems.

They are like 2 vehicles I use to transmit and activate this energy in the individuals and groups I help or guide.

I now offer both VITAL COACHING and VITAL TANTRA sessions.

Coaching sessions are more conversation based, more focused on power.

Tantra sessions are more based on energy and love. They are more refined in the content and input with a quality that goes from high energy fire to totally peaceful, healing and nurturing.

These spaces or vehicles are offered to you in service to your spirit.

They are now some of the tools to help you facilitate your evolution towards total bliss and unity.

Here it is!

Some of my story and background so that you can know me better.

I love you!

About Shiva Rajaya

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