One of the core aspects emerging now in TANTRIKA TRAINING is this energy of INSTANT ACTIVATION.

You use trance to activate TANTRIKA POWERS like KAMA, SATYA or VILASA instantly!

Instead of thinking days, weeks or months of training and practice, the intention now is INSTANT ACTIVATION.

This is a very specific intention and new energy coming in that radically shifts the perception of what it takes to be a TANTRIKA ACTIVATA!

The new element is SPEED!

It is even beyond speed because it is a DAYA or ACTIVATION that even shifts the idea of going from one state to the next to INSTANT ACTIVATION or INSTANT MANIFESTATION of a new state or specific powers.

I am right now playing with new trance techniques that induce TANTRIKA POWERS instantly.

The idea is to be able to go from one state to the next with no effort simply inducing a trance state combined with an intention to manifest a given TANTRIKA POWER.

You are then able to go in and out of ACTIVATION and as well shift TANTRIKA POWERS at will depending on your needs.

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