This is a new format that is emerging

I have various terms for it

KAMA VILASA (sex play)
KAMA DAYA (sex activation)

This is a SEX PLAY session you can invite a lover, tantric lover, potential lover into.

You can as well play with this idea with 3, 4, 5 SEX PLAYERS or even a small group.

The participants can be PLAYERS, PLEASURE PLAYERS, SEX PLAYERS or TANTRIKAS, whatever feels the best to you.

You can simply say "SEX PLAY" or "TANTRA PLAY" or "SEX PLAY at 8 tonight"

Your potential lover can say YES or NO with no need to explain if the answer is NO

You can as well have a quick intention sharing to see if you match

You can as well say something like "SEX PLAY - 8 tonight - light sensuality - 30 min"

See? you make it very specific so that you know both what to expect

You can as well say YES and suggest a variation in the intention. It could be for instance 30 min instead of 1 hour, or naked optional.

When you meet for SEX PLAY, here is a general stricture you can play with.

Any structure is optional as it can totally be replaced by free flow.

You can try structure one time and no structure another tome to see what inspires you most or builds up the most sexual energy.

Here is a possible structure:

5 min - share intentions, wishes and fantasies for this SEX PLAY - Share boundaries if any.

Make it clear if it's a free flow exchange or a giver/receiver format and for how long - shifting roles half way or not.

Decide who is leading or if no one is leading.

Decide on timing and set it up if you want to play with it - Having a timer gives a super clear frame in which everyone can relax - ideal times are anywhere from 15 min to 60 min.

Decide on session rhythm.

You can for instance have 5 min sequences with 1 min pauses or transitions in between. You alternate with proposing a practice or a fantasy you want to play with.

Or you can have a free flow session with 1 hour of open space and no timing in that.

You can as well be totally structure free and engage in SEX PLAY spontaneously - That's the way most couples or dates behave when engaging in SEX PLAY.

The advantage of having a structure us that it gives you a safe space to share boundaries and intentions and create a safe space for the experience.

The whole experience can be more TANTRA SESSION or TANTRA PLAY rather than SEX PLAY.

I feel that with TANTRA SESSION or TANTRA PLAY invokes more a sacred space and slightly different energy and intention.

You can use whatever term feels comfortable to you

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