Here are some synonyms:
  • Irritation - Irritating
  • Frustration - Frustrating
  • Annoyance - Annoying
  • Tease - Teasing
  • Provocation - Provoking
Irritation mastery is being able to be in an irritated state and turning it into an access point to bliss and connection.

It is as well the ability to master irritation when someone projects it on you.

A piercing attack is energy.

Behind any energetic aggression there is just energy.

When someone is irritated at you, you can suck this energy in.

You go to the very source of this energetic attack, absorb it all and access it's very core!

It's an energy kungfu move.

An aggression gives you energy.

Irritation is the perceived symptom of an energetic disturbance.

Irritation is the conflict between two realities.

An existing reality and another one trying to break through.

The conflict between these 2 realities creates pressure.

If you feel irritated, it means that you are under pressure and that an energy conflict is rising in you.

It can come from an invasive external influence like loud music invading your space.

Here are a few possible strategies to master irritation.

The first one is to block, delete or remove the cause of the irritation.

For instance, if someone plays loud music, you can ask that person to turn it off.

You can as well let the irritation flow through you and observe the feelings associated with it.

That's called releasing.

Irritation is friction and friction is energy.

When mastered and used in a non reactive way, irritation simply is a source of emotional energy.

You can invest that energy directly in your life and actions.

Another way to master irritation is to use humor.

You laugh at the situation.

You distance yourself from it.

Your laughter uses the irritation friction, releases it and turns it into an excited energy state.

Another response to irritation is to let it build up towards anger, explosive anger, rage.

This is escalation.

Sometimes, a little irritation can turn into a massive destructive conflict.

What was a light tension between two realities becomes this massive open conflict.

The cause of irritation can be internal.

It can happen without external interference

It can as well be between you and another person.

It can be between you and a group, organisation or even nation.

While it is good to understand mentally the process, manifesting solutions and mastering irritation is an art form that requires more than knowledge.

It requires practice and emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence means that you develop the best emotional response to triggers.

It is an energetic or emotional skill you learn to master.

If you master irritation, there is no need to run away from it because you experience irritation as an instant input of energy, fun, and excitement.

Your state of irritation is instantly mastered, directed, used or transmuted.

The spirit guides you with it.

Irritation mastery can be mastery of your irritation or someone else's.

Sometimes, you are doing everything you can to avoid someone else's irritation because exposure to their irritation hurts you.

Their irritation is an emotional pressure or disturbing energy that you would rather not feel.

The consequence is that you end up trying to please people around you, so that irritation doesn't arise.

Have you noticed as well how some people will consciously or unconsciously trigger irritation in others because they enjoy creating friction in others.

It's almost like they score if they manage to get someone triggered.

They like the conflict, the tension, the arguments because it is juice for them.

The idea is to be master of these emotions rather than their slave.

The goal is to play with these energies and master them through the use of various tactics

Mastering shadow emotions like irritation is one of the things we access in VITAL TANTRA.

This specific aspect touches CHITA YAMA which is MIND MASTERY.

It touches as well the area of relationships and social dynamics.

I realize I need a new term for this.

Let's see what comes up.


Irritation mastery means developing an irritation vehicle that you use when confronted with irritation situations.

These are emotional and energetic responses that kick in instinctively as soon as you are faced with irritation.

You notices that in the process of irritation mastery there is no denial of that shadow aspect and blocking the possible source of irritation is only one of the possible tactics.

What emerges now is something quite different.

It is the opening of new energetic spaces through the use of irritation energies.


Irritation is a shadow emotion.

If you take irritation to a higher intensity you get emotions like anger or even rage.

Testing irritation emotional and energetic responses on situations that are not too challenging or strong is a good way to develop this shadow vehicle.

You can eventually use the same type of energy tactics on emotions and situations that are more intense.


Again, for instance with anger, it is not just the mastery of your anger but the mastery of situations where anger is directed to you.


You see that if you initiate some of these or are on the receiver end, you can face various levels of complexity and intensity in the attack.

Tease is quite different than annoying.

Teasing can be soft, innocent and gentle but it can as well be nasty and provoking on purpose.


Why would you provoke someone?

It's simple!

Because you generate more energy by provoking and teasing than by not doing it.

That's for everyone.

Some people don't master the energetic games when they tease or provoke so they end confused and upset.

Some others are master teasers and provokers and they seem to go around annoying others just for the sake of it.

Why? Because it is fun for them.

Do you do that?


What are the benefits of teasing or provoking?

What's the best way to step out of these games when you no longer want to play?

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