Here are some pointers:

How to go from tension to stillness. or peace?

Have you ever experienced it?

How did that make you feel?

What happens when  you sustain a tension without trying to escape it?

What happens when you stay in this place of energetic pressure without taking action or avoiding it?

This can happen in the middle of arguments or ongoing discussions.

The ability to suddenly stop and let this tension be.

Realize how juicy it is to let a question stay unanswered and have silence take over.

Nothing needs to be fixed.

No closure needs to be found.

Life can suddenly be suspended and enter this eternal stillness in an instant of refined delight.

When you face a power struggle and tension builds up, you reach this point where energy stops moving and pressure is optimized on both sides.

Usually you try to run away from tension but what if in the core of tension again, life force, energy and juice arise.

That's another core aspect of power building.

It is this place of strength.

No one wins.

No one loses.

If you try to move this balance, an immediate energetic response opposes you.

In the middle of this tension and pressure which is the conflict between 2 strong beings, power and energy can manifest.

These are tensions between 2 wills, 2 energy spaces or 2 agendas.

Now you no longer get irritation through friction.

Now you get sustained tension between 2 polarities.

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