Lie mastery is the art of playing with that shadow when you express it or when others express it to you.

In recent studies it appears that people lie on average 30 times per day.

Yes, that includes you and I.

Lying is a weapon!

Sometimes, lies are useful!

They can save lives, save a marriage or give you new job opportunities.

We have this blanket belief that lies are bad and this is it!

If it is the case, how come lying is repetitively used by everyone.

Think of politics or health claims on food packaging.

Lies are omnipresent and if you look deeper you can easily unveil them.

What if instead of being dominated by your lying impulses, you master this weapon and use it wisely if needed.

Imagine a situation where lying can be used in a positive way.

I am not encouraging you to lie.

I want you to master that shadow.

Your precise challenge is lie mastery!

This is an aspect of your nature that you usually avoid.

Lying is a powerful weapon!

Instead of being dominated by an instinct that controls you, how about taking that weapon in your hands like a sword!

Is lying useful at all?

Of course it can be!

Play with this idea!

Give me 3 example in which lying is useful.

Try it!


The next question is:

Would you actually lie if you were exposed to these situations or would you use another tactic?

What are these other tactics?

What are 3 recent situations where you remember lying?

Was lying useful?

What would have happened if you didn't lie?

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