Discrimination can take many forms and based on separation of

• Race
• Nationality
• Group
• Religion
• Gender
• Age
• Etc


The chart of human rights says that all humans are equal.

If you say that any human being is superior to another based on these separations, that's discrimination.

Saying for instance that men or women are a superior gender, that's discrimination.

Saying that a race is superior to another, that's discrimination.

You have various forms of expression of discrimination.

It can be legal, ideological, etc.

Legal discrimination means that the law is different depending on the type of human.

Obviously criminal law is different if you are a kid than if you are an adult

Which means that if they commit a crime, a child will be punished differently than an adult. 

Professional discrimination means that for certain jobs, you want a man rather than a woman.

These forms of separation can be positive and sustainable and simply based on positive common sense

Other forms of discrimination like racial segregation or gender segregation might trigger a separation that goes against the long term evolutionary plan for the planet and humankind.

Racial or gender segregation will often try to back up its choices with pseudo science based facts.

For instance, one race might try to oppress another one by trying to scientifically prove that their race is better than the other.

The impulse is first an oppressive or superiorism shadow that then tries to back up its emotional or instinctual choices through reason.

This means that the first impulse is an instinct to hate, control, dominate, use, destroy, oppress or persecute a specific type of people.

The "dominant" group will then look for reasons to justify that primal instinct.

Mastering the discrimination shadow means understanding and owning these dynamics.

It means as well taming, redirecting or modifying them to serve and honor humankind.

Discrimination is a weapon and it is up to every individual and group to learn to master that weapon, use it or not use it with love, respect, power and wisdom.

This is why an etchical code of rights like the chart of human rights was designed!

This us to make sure that we have a common set of values that guide us in making the right choices when creating laws or relating to each other.

This chart or code of ethics has been as essential step in the progress of our human evolution.

It is not yet fully applied and is still violated in many ways but gives us at least a point of reference that keeps us aligned as a human race.

In human history, the discrimination weapon has been and still is one of the most destructive tools that human beings have used against each other.

It can be extremely dangerous and nasty!

Positive discrimination? Does it even exist?

Yes it does!

For instance saying that adults can work and kids should go to school is an age based separation of human beings.

In that case this age based separation is aimed at protecting the youth.

So in that case consciously separating a group from another can be a positive thing aimed at protecting that specific group.


The word "discrimination" still carries heavy trauma on a planetary level related with dramatic aspects of our history.

Even the use of the word is extremely sensitive and often carries a strong emotional charge.

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