• Victimization
• Pity
• Self pity
• Disempowerment
• Blaming
• Etc

Victimization means positioning as a victim.

You can project it on yourself, on others on a group or even a nation.

Sometimes recognizing the victim allows us to give that person or group special attention.

Which might be good!

The term victimization is often used in the context where the victim role is an instinctual or chosen projection rather than absolute reality.

It is a perception, projection or choice of that specific role.

On a personal level, positioning yourself as a victim can be extremely disempowering.


Because as a victim you tend to blame and wait from circumstances to magically change for you.

Your victim role gives you negative attention and that feeds you.

When you step out of the victim role, you tend to take control of your circumstances and take action to modify them.

For instance saying "no one loves me", that's victimizing yourself.

Saying "I will take action to attract more love in my life", that's taking a winner proactive role.

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