It feels that the best shadow and fight tactics are emerging as soft gentle, peace building moves.

As I explore this energetic landscape I see how various techniques will lead to various results and energetic states.

Very aggressive use of shadow aspects might lead to tension build up and retaliations.

Whereas simple soft defense tactics based on love and respect for your opponent might trigger connection and unification with no aggressiveness build up.

At this stage, I still don't know the final answer but I can already that you have different styles for playing with shadows.

A whole new world is opening to me!

Thank you for these ongoing revelations!

I am in deep awe and gratitude! 


It can all be summarized to some core engagement core tactics:
  • Not attacking
  • Defend with ease
  • Don't block the energy
  • Use the opponents energy
  • The end goal is harmony, peace and grace
  • Play with grace and harmony
  • Stay centered and grounded at all times
  • Be in a state of calm and inner peace

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