Imagine that you think that your partner is cheating on you.

You go and check their email.

You might feel guilt around doing that and might be sneaky about it.

Imagine that your partner is totally innocent and is not cheating.

Imagine that you tell your partner that you spied on them.

They might accuse you of violating their privacy.

This might even be a deal breaker and lead to a break up.

The reason I describe this scenario us to highlight the shadow aspect of spying in relationships.

Imagine another example of a government spying in their citizens and keeping secret files about them.

Again, that's a shadow activity that in extreme cases could lead to a revolution or government collapse.

A president or a whole government might resign because of that.

The core issue here is invasion of privacy.

Privacy is seen as a basic human right.

When someone violates that right, they steal a key freedom from you.

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