Human existence is regulated by a very precise reward system where most actions are motivated by an urge for a specific biochemical kick!

This means that most of human life is an ongoing pursue of these biochemical fixes.

This system was designed as a way to direct instincts and get the animal to behave in certain specific ways.

As human beings this system still regulates most of our animal  or instinctual nature.

It regulates for instance our instinctual drives in procreation, survival, social power, ambition, emotions and so much more!


The angelic kingdom regulates the flow of resources into human existence!

It is the angelic forces that distribute, energy, prosperity, inspiration, love, power, etc.

This means that the energetic networks distributing these qualities are established in human systems since the beginning of human evolution.

Karma is the present system as a result of past actions.

You often have angelic interventions clearing karma or reseting various aspects of the flow in these energetic networks.

A person's karma can be shifted as a result of specific actions or angelic inputs.

The same can happen to groups of people like families, organizations or nations.

The reason this flow system or energetic distribution system exists is because that's the way human creation has been designed from the start.

It can be seen as angels watching over us but in reality it is way deeper than that!

Ot affects all aspects if human life, including for instance the manifestation and regulation of the human body.

This includes the way for instance biochemical processes and reward systems are designed in the physical body.

And this flow system is of course directing everything else as well!

The flow of thoughts, emotions, actions, etc.

All of these depend on a flow of energy and that flow depends on this energy distribution  system!

Think of this system as an ultra complex organic being that contains absolutely all of human life!

Everything that happens in human life in regulated by this flow system!

Nothing happens outside of it!

This organic network of energy has been developing since the beginning of human life, and it is built and regulated by angelic hierarchies.

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