Shadow mastery is a powerful life target!!!

You often encounter people that become your shadow trainers!

It's not like you hire them or pay them!

They appear in your field and train you to navigate shadows!

Your shadow trainers won't often be aware of what they do for you!

They might have no clue of the role they play for you!

Your shadow trainer will often be your partner or lover!

Here are direct challenges they might project on you:

• Criticism
• Verbal attacks
• Accusations
• Love and sex denial
• Complaints
• Playing games
• Manipulation
• Misleading
• Attacking
• Lying
• Betrayal
• Arguing
• Ignoring
• Doubting
• Hesitating
• Mistrusting
• Fears
• Etc!

All shadows can be used by your shadow trainer.

The target is to identify the best tactic to stay present and centered at all times when they hit you with a shadow.

Often, your shadow trainer uses sexual hooks to keep you coming back for more.

You might be a shadow trainer yourself!

In many cases a shadow trainer will deny being a shadow agent in your life!

They will deny being agents of pain, suffering or energetic torture!

I know that these words are strong but these are the energies that often manifest in these shadow training interactions.

Shadow attacks are often emotionally abusive.

They are aimed at training you to deal with shadows!

When you are exposed to your shadow trainer, and its tactics, the deep goal is to be like an energy ninja, present and centered at all times!

You have various tactics to deviate or deal with attacks!

For instance humor, total passivity, escape, attack, etc are all possible response tactics.

Eventually you discover that you are both shadow trainers for each other.

The "tune in" period is the connection making time.

For instance having sex with your shadow trainer is a "tune in" period.

It can be called "observation round" as well.

Attacks haven't started yet but energetic synchronization takes place.

Shadow attacks happen between two people who are energetically connected.

You have to realize that both the shadow trainer and the trainee get lots of energy out of this.

They engage because fire comes in and the spirit sponsors these attacks!

This is part of life training and the shadow trainer is an agent in your own evolution.

It is relatively rare to find a shadow trainer who fully understands the role they play in their trainee's life!

In most cases the shadow trainer doesn't really plan the attacks!

They are simply in their field and respond to emotional and instinctual impulses.


More specific attack examples

• Energetic and emotional torture
• Love and sex deprivation 
• Hatred and anger projection
• Verbal and emotional abuse
• Lies and manipulation
• Energetic asphyxiation
• Etc.


Keeping you hooked on love and sex!

That's one core tactic!

It is to keep you coming back for more by giving you small intense doses of love and sex!

You will get hit by shadow tactics and shadow waves and here and there you get some short energetic, sensual, sexual or emotional validation.

This gives you a small fix of pleasure and energy and it is to make sure that you stay connected.

Cutting yourself from the shadow pains and challenges means as well cutting yourself from the small fixes of love and sex boosts.


Why does your shadow trainer use all these shadow techniques on you?

Why do they emotionally torture you, manipulate you, mislead you, lie to you?

Why do they do it?

Because they get a kick out of it!

Whole energy realities, angelic forces feed these shadow streams.

Shadows are the opposite polarity to light and these shadows force or guide humankind into evolution.

Your shadow trainer is part of a vast shadow system that is aimed at forcing your evolution.

By creating pain, it forces you to seek high energy, light, nirvana, spirit and consciousness.

This natural evolutionary process is the result of the flow of energy between the two opposite energies that sustain everything in creation.

Yin and Yang!

Your shadow trainer is an integral part of this evolutionary system.



Here is something new!

Your shadow is the voice of your spirit!

Very often they have no idea what they are doing or why they are doing it.

But they play an essential role in your own evolution.

You don't necessarily need to open yourself up and be naive!

They might attack you in nasty ways, betray you, lie or steal from you!

But, deep inside keep in mind that all this is about expansion of consciousness.

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