So it feels like an expansive movement connecting consciousness and energy spaces that are beyond my personality.

This is my angelic or Metatrona vehicle 

It is an expansive sphere of synchronized consciousness.

The rules in this world are very different than what they are in your traditional reality.

You see? more challenges because you strongly touch on other people's fields.

That's normal!

This is the real angelic field and a new expression of a unified net!

This time, no physical Internet! 

A complex and refined network of invisible energies connecting human beings with each other

I feel that the metatrona field is a few million people with aspects of that field radiating or polarizing more energy than other aspects or places in that field

Individualities are partially developed and replaced by unified fields driven by the expansion of the angelic manifestation!

Human activity is not the center of attention of angelic activity.

Human manifestation represents a small aspect of angelic manifestation.

The human race wants to position itself as powerful creators but in reality humankind is not by far the most powerful creative hierarchy on this planet.

Human beings are driven by a very primal biochemical reward system.

It is similar to what drives animals.

The quest for pleasure and satisfaction is at the core of most human activity and this reward system drives everything in human existence.

When you touch on deeper and more refined experiences like mystical or deep happiness sensations, these experiences are still driven by feel good hormones and biochemical chain reactions.

Now who or what do you think designed this system???

Who are the real creators of the human race, playing with flows of consciousness and manifestation?

Who is leading the show?

What is the role if the planetary hierarchy?

Of course there is an angelic hierarchy at play in planet earth

and of course this angelic hierarchy is way more powerful than the human one!

The human hierarchy is an aspect of angelic manifestation and it sees itself as separate!

However it has never been separated as some form of self standing governing entity!

It has always been guided by the angelic powers that lead the show of human evolution since beginning of time.

It is very easy to understand how evolution works once you are given a peek behind the scenes of human activity

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