In a way, it can be whatever you want it to be :) It's all geared towards life optimization, energetic mastery for what goes on in your life. The core aspect is that you want to learn from me - It is not knowledge based, it is experienced based, downloading and manifesting the new codes for your own evolution and putting in place energetic structures and connections to help you expand and manifest what you want in your life.

Practically, it really depends how much time, energy and money you have to invest into it, if you want to live at vital gate or not - the model is one of ongoing retreat, you start when you are ready in the beginning of the week - One week will give you a taste, 1 month will allow you to cover in depth one topic like relationships, sex, money or mind mastery. 3 months will give you solid well established tools and life tactics in multiple areas of your life.

Price wise, it goes from $500-$2000/month depending on the speed you are at, if you want daily one on one sessions with me, residential or not, groups sessions only etc.

The core idea is to give you a massive boost of energy and inspiration whatever you are at.

You can as well use me week by week or for individual coaching or tantra sessions too.

About Shiva Rajaya

You are the master of your life! Your destiny is in your hands! You have the power to create! Want my help with unleashing your full manifesting power and optimizing your life? I will help you tune into your highest frequency and give you tools to access your untapped potentials - Start here START HERE! GET YOUR POWER KICK SKYPE COACHING SESSION WITH ME!