If you activate your angelic body your actions, thoughts, emotions, feelings or choices impact on the whole angelic field.

It is logical!

If you are actively connected with or merging with your angelic field, naturally your actions and invocations will radiate or impact the unified angelic field.

This is symbolical and an approximation of a reality which is way more complex.

This means that activating your angelic body connects you with a field which is way vaster.

In my experience so far, when I activate my angelic body, it activates a field that merges with other human beings.

This means that I am not the only one active in that field.

I would say more like thousands of human beings connected or active in that angelic body.

The field I am active in is archangelic.

What I am saying right now describes that reality: archangelic.

It is possible that angelic fields have different dynamics to them.

That's something I will explore in the future.

Right now it feels like when I activate a mantra that is centered on me, the impact goes mainly to me.

When I activate a mantra directed to the archangelic field Metatrona, the impact feels like it activates a network of energies or archangel field.

These are impressions, sensations with very specific mantric formulas.

Sensations and inner guidance are quite precise.

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