Take the example of cruelty.

If you express cruelty, the expression if that shadow might be accompanied by an energetic reward.

This is why people express shadows and why shadows are still in existence!

This process is a biochemical reward system!

Basically expressing a shadow might create a positive energy response in your system!

How does that work?

Again, take cruelty!

Imagine you are a caveman and you need to feed your family.

You find a wild pig!

You need to cut his head to feed your children!

The original cruelty impulse means feeling a high when doing that!

Yhe reason this energy high was created in our instinctual nature is to make sure that killing overrides compassion for the animal.

In that case, it's either you kill that pig or your whole family dies of starvation!

Get it?

Nature designed cruelty as a survival mechanism!

Of course if you fast forward to today's modem world, 99% of cruelty is not needed!

The pattern is still there and people will inflict cruelty on other living beings just because of the energy kick it gives them.

This shadow reward is a complex topic that I will by no mean be able to cover in one article.

Just realize that it is because these rewards exist that shadows are still expressed by human beings today!

Check for yourself!

What is the shadow you might express that gives you am energy high?


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