This is one of the core challenges you face when trying to make diet choices!


Because there is a lot of misinformation and unverified claims out there.

Information about food is a jungle of beliefs, commercial agendas, real research and personal feelings.

Your rational mind enters into a battle to try to figure out simple facts.

Fruit is good for you?

Fruit is bad for you?

You have respectful experts saying the exact opposite on a simple question like this one!

It should be simple and agreed by everyone!

Well it is not!

When someone says "Research shows that...", what they really might say is that 127 years ago, some family doctor in some far away jungle tried it on 2 wild birds and their feathers got better.

Not joking!


The facts are often distorted to try to make a point.

At the end it is often belief against belief or commercial agenda against commercial agenda.

Take this example:

Someone says "mint is good for you".

The questions are:

  • How do you know?
  • What's the evidence?
  • In what amount?
  • In what form?
  • How frequently?
  • Mixed or not mixed with what?
  • Good for everything?
  • What does it do exactly?
  • Etc.
See? Many questions!

I personally believe that mint is really good for you but it is mainly based on my targeted experience and
  • An overall feeling that it is alive
  • I like the taste
  • It boosted me me in special situations
  • I use it all the time
  • I miss it when I don't have any
With mint, I had a specific experience in the Sinai desert.

After a morning of trekking under the sun, we arrived in this small oasis in a valley.

I found some mint there and had a few leaves.

I went from feeling a bit drained and dehydrated by the sun to getting an instant clear energy boost.

The feeling was clear and strong.

I felt a wave of energy, clarity and freshness in my mind, positive energy, freshness, and more.

For me, that's evidence enough!

My experience is more convincing to me than any science research on this topic.

If a few leaves of raw mint have way more power than many medications and supplements, of course the pharma research and those who sell supplements will bully fresh mint health claims and block or discredit any research on that.


Because it hurts their profits.

If people buy  a few leaves of fresh mint rather than expensive medication, the commercial agendas of many companies goes down!

They stop making money!

So, that information about my mint experience and what other people might have felt too does not access mass media!

It is not main stream information because the companies that control mass media are the advertisers and the advertisers want to make profit and sell you drugs.

The simple answer to all that is that commercial agendas keep key information away from you.

They don't really care about your health, they want to use you to make profit!

They don't share the key useful information with you.

Instead they share with is targeted reframed commercialized information that is often packed with lies and misleading claims.


What do you do?

The answer is simple!
  • Learn more and look for information - As soon as you google things, info comes up
  • Use your instinct and body wisdom! - Your body has lots of answers - You just need to listen
  • Test things - Try it out and see how it feels - What's the impact? 
  • Stay away from drugs and medications
  • Go as raw and live food as you can 
  • Stay away from processed sugars
  • Stay away from GMOs
  • Etc.
Get it?

The general guidelines are simple really.

No matter how you put it, you know that most fast food is mainly junk and kills you slowly.

You know that.

In your mind that's a fact you trust but if you like fast food, your mind plays tricks on you and the information doesn't fully sink in.

You know it but are not really listening?

Yes! Sometimes!

So, back to health claims!

The simple answer is
Your instinct often guides you right!


When a group of mice refuse to eat gmo corn, they don't listen to the scientific evidence! They have no rational thinking, remember?

It is their instinct that guides them.

So instinct is the tool to activate in you to answer to this lack of clear rational information.

If I put in front of you 100 different foods and I ask you to label them according to how good you think they are for you, I am sure you would figure it out.

You would easily do it, right?

As least roughly!

You know that a broccoli is healthier than a burger!

So trust your instinct and your body wisdom and get solid information too when it is available!

Instinct and reason go hand in hand!

Use them both!

And don't listen to stupid health claims with childish designs on cardboard packages!!!

You are now beyond that!

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