This can be an internal or external shadow.

For instance you might have a lover or romantic partner that systematically confuses you.

They might mislead you intentionally or unintentionally.

This one is for you guys as I know that many of you might be confused by women's behaviors.

Here are the ways women will confuse you or contradict themselves:
  • She accuses you of wanting to cheat while she is having an affair.
  • She says she wants to go deep but is terrified of opening up.
  • She wants you to open up and then accuses you of being too sensitive.
  • She wants a sensitive man but really needs a man who stays like a rock in the middle of her emotional storms.
  • She says she wants a baby and says she is not ready as soon as you agree.
  • She accuses you of being behind you laptop too much and checks her instagram "likes" as soon as she wakes up.
  • She says you get easily upset when she spends her time freaking out in emotional turmoil.
  • She says you don't love her enough as you spend most of your time trying to please her.
  • She wants a nice guy and dates bad boys who don't give a shit.
  • She says she wants to go on holidays with you and shuts down sexually the day you are on vacation.
  • She says looks don't matter and always dates handsome six packed men.
  • She says she wants peace and then start fights without reason.
  • She abuses you emotionally and complains that you are not romantic enough with her.
  • She accuses you of smiling to her female friends and flirts outrageously with your male friends.
  • She goes on dates with her exes and accuses you of having female friends 
  • She says she wants to be monogamous, has sex with 3 different men in a month, and ads that she is monogamous because it didn't happen the same night.
  • She says she loves you and plays super nasty tricks on you.
  • She attacks you and criticizes you heavily and accuses you of getting defensive if you react.
  • She marries you for life and divorces you 6 months later.
  • She wants to be financially independent but expects you to pay when you are on a date.
  • She wants equal gender rights but keeps implying that women are superior and men are useless.
  • She accuses you of raising your voice when she is the one screaming for the last 30 min
  • She corrects your grammar instead of listening to the essence of what you say.
  • She says she will listen without interupting you and talks over you within a minute.
  • She says she wants to be all yours while offering her body to multiple lovers.
  • She defends her right to express her explosive emotions but can't stand it when you do the same.
  • She criticizes when you do some of the things she does.
  • She makes choices that she regrets and then blames you for them.
  • She cheats on you and says you made her do it.
  • She says she wants truth, clarity and authenticity but betrays you and lies to you.
  • She misleads you by frequently changing what she wants without telling you.
  • She accuses you of expressing a shadow and is delighted to express hers.
  • She wants you to accept all aspects of her shadows but freaks out as soon as she sees some in you.
  • She is excessively abusive and accuses you to be the one who is disrespectful. 
  • Etc.
To tell you the truth I am convinced that most of these games are played with total lack of awareness.

This means that most women are not conscious of what they do.

Or they might be in denial and not wanting to face the truth.

Realize that it is simply female and human nature to be sometimes in contradiction or confusion

A few gentle examples to keep you happy this morning.

By the way, yes, men are confusing too.

Many of these situations can be reversed.

We'll check the opposite examples soon.

Girls, if anything comes to mind, fill me in!

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