This is one of the core aspects of shadow mastery.

Take the example of someone systematically saying things that irritate you.

Here are possible responses:

  • Leave
  • Educate the person
  • Argue
  • React
  • Allow
  • Etc.
From all these possible patterns, there might be one or a couple that are the ideal response at a specific time.

For instance being reactive by send you off center and trigger a draining conflict.

Whereas allowing it and staying passive might bring peace and harmony.


Various response will have various outcomes.

On a large scale, the choice of an optimized response can make the difference between a global conflict or long term peace!

This is why training optimized responses to shadows is so essential on a personal scale.

The goal is to identify the best response, practice it, apply it, be able to tap into it any time the trigger happens again.

You can do that for any shadow you are exposed to.

This is an essential aspect of shadow mastery.

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