Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. are all packed with their own sets of social shadows.

These social spaces are specific energy environments with unique shadow dynamics.

You can be excluded, rejected, neglected, abused, ignored, attacked, judged, banned, stalked, lied to, and so much more!

You can experience sadness, anger, frustration, anxiety, disappointment, loss, pain, and the list goes on!

Guess what?

We are still humans!

Most human shadows are transferred straight from real life into the virtual one!


You project human shadows from natural social environment to virtual ones.

The goal of shadow mastery is to master shadows in any environment, including virtual spaces!

Many people will stay away from facebook because they can't handle it!

In other terms, they can't deal with its  shadow aspects!

This is a vast topic and I know that we could easily check the top 10 shadows that emerge in these social media spaces.

They overlap from one virtual space to the other.

Facebook shadows might be very similar to Instagram shadows.

They do vary as well slightly because of the different features associated with these different tools.

For instance discovering the new relationship status of your ex might send you spinning in a raging storm of anger and frustration!

Recognize that?

What about seeing a friend being emotionally harassed for sharing a simple opinion?

Dozens of shadow traps you can be exposed to every day!

The cycle of lights and shadows goes on in the virtual world!

This is why I use terms like "facebook mastery"

Some people might be ultra sensitive to what they are exposed to.

Here are some shadow examples:

• Being obsessed by your number of likes
• Obsessively checking your exes status
• Feeling excluded from social events
• Information overwhelm
• Getting lost in facebook
• Getting distracted when you should be productive
• Your new romantic partner not sharing their new relationship status on facebook and keeping it to "single"
• Giving lots of likes but not getting many back
• Having people triggered by what you share
• Friends commercialising their activity on facebook
• Your mother or father joining facebook
• Stopping to post updates on facebook because you don't want your ex to know what you are up to
• Lying to your audience because you are afraid to be transparent. I call that "truth gap"
• Freaking out when your phone battery runs out.
• Getting upset because someone didn't reply to your message within minutes.
• Getting upset because someone didn't reply to your message at all
• Feeling neglected because a specific person didn't give a "like" to a picture you just posted
• Getting tagged on pictures when you would rather not
• Feeling way too exposed
• Etc

See how many emotions and challenges you can be exposed to?

Ask yourself...

How good are you at mastering social media? (0-100%)

What are your social media shadows?

5 shadow examples you master really well?

5 shadow examples you are challenged by?



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