The idea is that technology energetic responds to our vibration, frequency, intention, etc.

You can look at technology as something purely mechanical and static or you can look at it as a living intelligent organism incarnating itself on planet earth and using human being as channels of manifestation.

This means that we are intimately collaborating with the tech gods and goddesses.

Nowadays, this concept might appear a bit weird to most of you.

The full vision of what it means was revealed to me this morning and it is super clear for me now.

I use the word TEKNIKA to give this idea a new impulse and new associations

Here are some core ideas:

  • TEKNIKA is intelligent
  • TEKNIKA is a living evolving energy reality or entity
  • TEKNIKA responds to our energy and impulses
  • If you don't love TEKNIKA, TEKNIKA won't love you back
  • You can invoke healthy TEKNIKA relationship through mantras and other energy techniques
  • You have literally a relationship with TEKNIKA in the same way as you have a relationship with money, society or other human beings
  • Etc.
Imagine that right now that for billions of people on this planet, the cell phone never stays away at more than 1 meter.

This means that this tool has become an extension of our personality.

The idea that mobile technology could be embedded in our bodies in the near future is already a reality.

How many times did you experience the feeling that tech was not working on a given day too well because of your mood?

There is so much more

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