Imagine that TEKNIKA actually responds to your mood or energy level.

How would that work?

Here are some core simple concepts about that.

Our thoughts and emotions impact or create our elector magnetic field in and around our body.

That electromagnetic field expands around us.

That's our auric field.

Technology is sensitive to electro magnetic fields.

Therefore technology will "feel" our mood and respond to it.

Imagine that if you are angry and scream really loud with a certain frequency, you might break a glass or a mirror, right?

You heard about that with opera singers.

So, this means that sound which is invisible will impact on objects and alter their state.

Sometimes, not much, sometimes a lot.

If you are exposed to high volume music or noise, that impacts your energy, mood, state of mind, etc.

With emotions and technology that's the same idea.

Does it mean that tech will always respond?

Actually no, I don't think so.


Because it is mechanical as well.

Luckily we don't have the power to interfere too much with technology with our thoughts.

Right now, it's probably 99.9% mechanical and 0.1% energetic and fluid.

Maybe even less!

But you as a human being will attract good tech vibes or bad tech vibes.

Maybe your relationship with technology is in a mess!

Maybe things tend to break down around you or you might have the art of bringing tech to work!

Green fingers for people who bring life to plants?

How about silver fingers for those who are good with tech.

Makes sense, right?

You might use expressions like "I love tech" and be in a very graceful relationship with tech, find ways of navigating tech challenges in ways that bring fast and easy solutions.

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