Sometimes, you just need to shut down emotionally and be like a machine to survive!

There is this misleading glorification around feeling everything.

You hear that somehow, you have to open up your heart and be compassionate at all times.

Well, sometimes doing that will get you killed or emotionally annihilated!

Who says that's a better option.

The goal is not to be open and vulnerable all the time!

The goal is to be able to open up and shut down at will!

Consciously managing how much you want to open up is a higher power than being open all the time with no option to control that.

Sometimes distancing yourself will serve you more than staying entangled in stories that don't serve you.

Suppose that you date this abusive guy.

Imagine that you can turn into this machine and get you and your kids out of this situation.

What's best?

Staying trapped in it because you feel love and compassion or acting fast and getting out of there?

Often you need to be a warrior and use your weapons!

Being able to be ruthless and get things done is a high power! 

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