Not all actions have the same intensity.

You can give a mark 0-100% to any experience's intensity!

For instance your lover might say:

"I fucking hate you!!!"

with a 95% intensity 

and then say:

"You know I love you"

with a 10% intensity level.

Which of these experiences will impact you the most energetically?

Of course the one with the highest intensity level!

A 80-100% intensity level can leave a traumatic or orgasmic mark!

This intensity can be both pain or pleasure!

You probably experienced 80-100% intensity pleasures or happiness levels!

And you might have experienced the same level of emotional pain intensity at some point in your life.

If you are with a partner who regularly abuses you, you might be exposed to high intensity of emotional pain for months or years!

Some people might be exposed to high levels of emotional threat for an entire life!

This threat can come from a violent neighborhood, your partner, a circle of bullying friends, an oppressive ruler, a government, an oppressive parent, even a corporation can play that role!

Very often in abusive situations, the emotional impact is very high because intensity is high.

The emotional abuse episodes might be the highest energy points while the love softness that you experience in between might be lower intensity.

In highly passionate relationships, both love and hate can be incredibly intense!

This is why make up sex can be so powerful and intense!

It is because you build up emotional intensity through fight and then project that intensity in love making 

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