This is another core shadow you can experience in others or in you!

When someone is heavy or sad and really owns that shadow, stays in it, they can project that shadow on you.

What di you do with that one!

You are exposed to it through the field of energetic resonance!

If that comes from a parent who is in a depressed state all the time, that mood is embedded in your childhood and tends to suppress your joy.

What's the best way to respind to heaviness?

Here are some of the energetic responses you might have:

• Trying to cheer up the other, the situation and yourself
• Feeling guilty for the other person's state if mind 
• Taking it in and identifying yourself with that emotion
• Allowing, releasing, feeling all aspects of this emotional state, 
• Reacting, getting angry or violent
• Rebelling
• Leaving, stepping out
• Developing coping tactics like playing some music or going for a jog
• Designing a conscious positive set of responses 

In this last one, it's not just a temporary patch, it is a whole personal or spiritual approach to build long term joy and happiness.

Realize that this situation might be the number one challenge some people are exposed to!

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