When exposed to emotional violence you have two opposed sets of responses.

The first set is:

• Resenting
• Victimizing
• Leaving
• Escaping
• Avoiding
• Disconnecting
• Dissociating
• Rejecting
• Abandoning
• Questioning 
• Etc

This set of responses are non engagement responses!

It means that you avoid or reject the experience.

It means as well that you would rather do something else.

In the second set of responses you welcome the experience:

• Welcoming
• Embracing
• Accepting
• Enjoying
• Embodying
• Engaging
• Taking in
• Using
• Accessing
• Etc

Witn this second set of response attitudes you take in the energy and start playing with it.

You enjoy the experience!

Symbolically, you are being tested in the early stages of a fight to see how you engage or not engage.

Not engaging or standing your ground is often perceived as a form of weakness in nature.

For instance male lions will confront each other for supremacy until one if them abandons the fight.

In that case, abandoning the fight means being defeated.

It is not always the case!

Abandoning a fight often means simply not wanting to engage.

The point is that you can consciously choose your attitude and response to fight triggers, emotional violence or any other shadow projected on you.

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