In couples, that's probably one of the most challenging experiences you can face in life!



The reason they are usually distressing is because the fact that there is a fight conflicts with the romantic vision you have for your relationship.

It is really simple!

You expect love!

You get anger, rage and emotional violence!

As a couple it is like being hit by a huracane and learning how to play with these energies!

Have you ever been in the middle if a storm and feel this exhilaration taking over your being?

This is an energygasm!

Energetic violence, emotional intensity is an energy you can harness!

Let's clarify a few things!

Right now, I talk about emotions, verbal abuse, verbal attacks, emotional violence!

I am not talking about physical violence or abuse!

I have a range if techniques to engage safely in physical fights to digest aggressive overloads in relationships.

Right now I won't touch on that!

Let's stick for now to emotional and verbal violence.

So it hurts when you are unprepared!

It hurts because you are not ready to accept the experience.

It hurts because you expect something else.

It hurts because it is shocking to hear and feel a lover's anger and hatred!

Being cool with your lover's extreme shadows is usually a challenge!

Usually you want to run away when exposed to emotional violence!

What if your response was:

• Great! Energy!
• You are so sexy when you are angry!
• I love your rage!
• Yes! More please!
• Etc!

You experience energetic violence in your couple and instead of running away, you welcome and enjoy the experience!

What if you could harness the energy of these emotional storms to take you to orgasmic trance!

I am not talking about sexual orgasm!

I am taking about energy orgasm triggered by an extreme overflow of energy through your system.
This experience is not for everyone, ok!!!

I am only suggesting that the possibility to harness emotional violence exists!

I suggest as well that if two lovers are aware of the techniques and engage with clear limits, the emotional violence experience can be on the level of the most powerful sexual bliss you ever experienced.

This is not theory!

These are real experiences I personally went through!

Yes! I accessed fightgasms multiple times!

It was safe!

No one got physically hurt!

It was exhilarating!

I used very specific targeted techniques!

We timed it!

This means that it was not just an ongoing overpass of uncontrolled fire!

It was channeled!

We were both aware and awake!

We knew exactly what we wanted to reach.

It was a simulation in the sense that the anger was provoked, it was not originally there.

I had other situations as well were fightgasm kicks in and you enter in energetic trance after a massive overflows of emotional rage.

This happened multiple times!

And I witnessed that multiple times in others as well!

Imagine being in a boat that is unsinkable, a kind of floating submarine!

Imagine that you are strapped and exposed to the elemental power of nature!

Imagine that you know that you can't die from this natural exposure to these forces.

You know the storm will be there for an hour or two and then the weather shifts back to sunshine!

That's how you can perceive emotional violence!

Your lover might bombard you with horrible insults and then go back to living you passionately!

You can be in the middle of this storm and say to yourself "It's pure fire! I love it"

You consciously expose yourself to the experience!

You can be the giver or the receiver or both!

Sometimes you will be passively receiving emotional violence!

Sometimes you will bombard someone with it!

This is powerful!

Here is an essential part!

I am not saying that this is an experience you must go through, ok?

95% of people on this planet will never experience a fightgasm!

And that's ok because not everyone us fit for it!

Consciously engaging in these emotional violence techniques, what I call vital fights is highly challenging.

Vital fights are one if the core aspects of my Vital Tantra system.

You might play with these energies or not!

It is not a requisite!

The reason why I develop these techniques is because some if you might be called to explore and play with emotional intensity!

Most of you will run away when exposed to verbal abuse!

Leaving the scene is the healthiest response in most cases!

I still totally agree with that!

Vital fights approaches is a mystical or energetic mastery path in which we use emotional intensity to create explosive pleasure experiences!

Think of martial arts!

One of the purposes of any fighting technique is to turn naturally aggressive impulses into an art form!

In a similar way, you can use naturally violent impulses and direct them to your own energetic awakening!

That's the idea!

When done with the right tactics, these are powerful mind blowing techniques!

I will go into deeper technical aspects of Vital Fights in other posts.

Right now, I am simply inviting you to look at emotional violence from a different angle!

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