Isolation, separation, exclusion, deprivation!

Loneliness is emotional isolation.

Suppose that everyone has internet access and you don't.

Or imagine that everyone is invited to a party and you are not.

Isolation is still used as one of the major forms of punishment!

That called a jail and is aimed at limiting your freedom and cutting you from the rest of society.

That's inhumane!

You have other forms if isolation like cutting you from love or sex.

That's called deprivation and is another form of emotional pressure and social punishment used all the times.

Parents systematically use that against their kids.

You do what I say or I deprive you from my love and give you anger instead.

Energetic asphyxiation is another term you can use.

Partners do that to each other a lot.

They asphyxiate each other with ongoing pressures and demands and often limit the natural regeneration of their couple.

They will feel threatened each time interaction happens with others and tend to cut themselves off from the rest of the world.

The excuse is to protect their couple but in doing so, they create energetic exclusion which destroys regeneration sources for their relationship.

Some couples never go out and have zero social interactions outside of their relationship.

This type is asphyxiation happens as well in spiritual circles and traditions.

People will cut themselves off from entertainment and distractions, exciting food, emotional excitement, sex, etc.

They do that in the name of their spiritual development and assume that this will lead them faster to success.

In some situations, it might.

I  other cases, you achieve the exact opposite and go backwards rather than forward.

As I said earlier, isolation can happen as well through lack of technology.

For instance if you are online for hours every day, see what you feel the day networks are down for hours.

Experience what happens the day you can't communicate, call, message, email or access your facebook.

We are addicted to the energy we get from interacting with others.

The moment we are cut off from that, we enter in deprivation mode and develop coping tactics to deal with this gap.
If you decide to consciously be in nature and cut yourself from technology while you trek, that might be an empowering experience.

It is empowering because you merge with the forces of nature instead of the ones that sustain civillization.

You go back to your source, your energetic roots, your essence.

You rediscover the core of your being by recentering your attention on yourself.

When technological isolation is not your decision and forced on you, that's a different story.

If you are in the city and everyone is connected and you are not, this will have a radically different impact on you.

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