This one comes from the urge to create high energy.

Simple life might just feel boring and a day without drama is a day without spice.

Recognize that one in you or in others.

Very often, those who create drama or high intensity are not aware that they are addicted to it.

They think that somehow, going to battle is justified.

They might sit in a restaurant and make scene because there is no brown sugar.


It could have been

"no worries"

Instead it becomes an issue, some form of conspiracy to destroy their day.

Even a cat will create emotional intensity when playing with a mouse.

He pushes her away as if she was escaping and then catches her.

These games create energy where there was none.

Kids do that all the time:

"Let's pretend we are in a fortress and the enemy wants to invade us"


Create drama and intensity as a game!

Computer games? 

Same story!

You are just peacefully driving to a party with your partner.

Suddenly a fight erupts without apparent reason!


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