For instance you might say to someone 

"I couldn't text you - I had no reception"

And they will assume that you are lying, trying to manipulate them or that there is something you don't want to say.

The truth might be super simple!

"I had no cellphone reception"

And still they will make up stories.


So the simple paranoia patterns are:

• Assume that you are lying 
• Imagining worst case scenarios
• Imagining things that don't exist 
• Assuming you are guilty until you prove you are not
• Doubting what you say
• Constantly assuming you are lying
• Assuming you are trying to manipulate them for your own obscure agendas
• Spying on you
• Not being able to distinguish between facts and the story the build around them
• Looking for incoherences in your story. Once they find one, they take that as proof that something is wrong
• Etc

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