Are specific shadows gender specific?

Are women or men more prone to a specific shadow?

That's an essential question to check!

For instance, you often hear women say:

"Men are cheaters!!!"
"It is in their nature!"
"Men can't be trusted!"




Is that true?

What is true?
  • Both men and women cheat equally
  • Men cheat more than women
  • Women cheat more than men
Ok, here is another simple question!

If men are cheat more than women, who do you think these men are cheating with?

Who are their cheating partners?

You see, stats say that both men and women cheat more or less equally!

It is very easy to be gender blaming or gender discriminating!

I am sure that if we check deeply, women have way more shadows than men!

Just kidding!!!

But I do believe that certain shadows are gender specific.

It means that women will be more prone to certain shadows and men more prone to another set of shadows.

If we could check the intensity and frequency of specific shadow occurrences it could look like that:
  • Shadow 1: playing computer games and ignoring their lover - 90% male - 10% female
  • Shadow 2: being insecure about their body - 30% male - 70% female
  • Etc.
When I say 90% male, I am not saying that 90% of men display that pattern, I am saying that 90% of the occurrences are male and 10% of them are female.

That means that on average, for 10 people displaying that pattern, 9 will be men and 1 will be female.

Get it?

It's a very deep topic!

Jut getting some initial insights right now. 

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