I have 2 models in my mind right now.

The first model says that according to the YIN/YANG symbol, everything must have an equal amount of light and shadow in it.

This would mean that every individual has an equal balance of light and shadow.

The second model tells something different: some people can have lots of shadow and others have lots light. It means that the YIN/YANG symbol plays on a larger scale but on a small individual scale, group or even nation, light and shadow can be out of balance.

I can't avoid seeing that some people will express way more shadow than others.

Some people will be manipulative, criminal, abusive while others are simply nice persons.

So, what's the ideal model?

Maybe the YIN/YANG  symbol refers to a principle rather than a mathematical equation.

The quality of light is way more concentrated in the sun than it is in the rest of the solar system.

But even in the sun, there are movements of light and shadow.

So, yes, with the YIN/YANG SYMBOL, IT looks like we talk about a principle rather than a balanced equation.

I don't have an answer about that one yet.

I have the feeling there is something I am not fully seeing.

I will keep an eye for it. 

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