Here is another essential aspect of shadow mastery!

It is ok to experiment and make mistakes.

Imagine how you would feel if in front of a your piano you could not make some wrong notes!

With shadow exploration, realize that all that is just a game aimed at life mastery.

Once you put in place some healthy boundaries like:

  • No physical abuse
  • Respect a "stop" sign
  • Wait for a person's agreement before engaging
  • Check in after
  • Stay connected
  • Etc.
When you are in VITAL FIGHTS simulations it is easier to play because everyone knows that it is a game, not real life.

Now when you are in shadow free flow that's a different game because boundaries haven't been clearly define and shadow exploration overlaps real life.

In your mind, you might be engaged in a deep shadow exploration when the other person is on a different page.

You see?

That's something to check and keep in mind with whoever you engage in shadow play.

The most common way of stepping out is simply disconnecting and cutting communication.

That's not very useful because it creates separation.

It totally misses the point.

One of the core ideas is to commit to stay connected throughout the shadow exploration.

Again, if you are aware of the dynamics it is easy to distance yourself from the events.

But when shadow training is just real life, boundaries becomes blurry and rules are no longer clear. 

The point is that experimenting and trying is essential aspect of shadow mastery.

Sometimes, you navigate an emotional challenge and realize that you performed really poorly.

Another time you score way higher.

But how will you learn if you don't try, right?

You must try and accept that making mistakes is part of the game.

Learn to apologize if you go too far, step back and take another course or give it another shot using a different set of tactics.

The goal is always life mastery!

Keep that in mind.

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