When you engage in this wild shadow exploration and come to completion, you hit this deep sense of joy, release, achievement, ecstasy.

If this happens with a partner, friend, parent or lover, the impact on your connection is huge.

There is a moment of acceptance when shadows are totally taken in and fully included in the equation.

What creates pain is denial, refusing reality.

You have an unreal romantic dream in your mind.

The moment shadows reveal themselves, what do you do?

Do you run away or do you stay present?

Many shadows will be deal breakers.

Suppose that you date a criminal and realize after a few months of dating that the guys robs banks for a living.

For course you don't have to stick around!

That's obvious!

If the man you love is a gambling addict and this destroy your finances, of course get out!

I talk about shadows that are subtler.

Shadows like anger, frustration, sadness, raging fire or even hatred.

Emotions come and go!

Feelings evolve.

If a shadow wave hits the person you love, do you discard them in total denial of their human nature?

Or do you embrace this new challenging aspect that was revealed to you?

It's all juice and energy!

It is movement of emotions, power, bliss, beauty!

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