Imagine that you are with this lover and you are having a great time.

Comes this friend for a visit and after they leave, you enter in a big fight over something they said.

Harmony was clear and well contained before the friend's visit.

After they leave, there seems to be a new energy between you that sabotages your connection.

Isn't it weird.

You can look at this friend and see them as a shadow agent.

This means that their presence triggered something.

They might bring some frustration, undigested drama or any other negative emotion.

They might totally be unaware of their impact.

And their shadow might be insignificant.

Sometimes, this friend will be high and in a good mood but trigger one of you.

Sometimes, you know that a person in your circle with systematically be a shadow trigger for your couple.

It might be jealous ex, a parent in law, a friend, a boss or an organization, governement or place.

You might notice that when you go to a certain club, you systematically end up arguing.

Or that each time you bring a ceratin topic, unsolved emotions come to the surface and you dive in shadow again.

So, the solution is first to bring awareness and notice the pattern.

The second step is to either avoid the situations or these people or relate with more caution when they are around.

If you know that a person is a potential shadow trigger that makes you lose presence, then be readier when they show up or avoid them alltogether.

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