You might have noticed that I posted a lot about shadows and no so much about lights.

Why is that?

Simply because this is where the revelation has been happening for me in the last few months.

Of course lights are present as well and we could expand in the lights as much as we expand in the shadows.

That aspect of this exploration might come soon.

I do feel that shadows are way more unknown and misunderstood.

This is why my spirit naturally focuses my attention on them at this moment.

I do feel that the lack of shadow understanding as a human race greatly holds us back.

We need more shadow understanding, tools, skills, tactics, emotional intelligence to be able to thrive as human beings.

There is very little training on that and it's in the shadows that lie the pains, the hurts and the traumas.

This shadow exploration journey has been fascinating so far.

Even if I have 12 years coaching experience and 25+ years of deep spiritual training, I am blown away by what is being revealed to me!

So much of it was never fully conscious in me and there is more to come.

Instead of quickly running away to the lights, I feel there is still way more to explore in the deep shadow forests of human consciousness.

Know that I am in balance, happy and having a great time!

I love this exploration!

I have a strong shadow vehicle and clear   tactics that give me the power to stay high and centered in this journey. 

The last few months have been shadow dynamics, observation and description.

I already started on it but must go deeper in this next step which is more focused on tactics!

You need two types of tactics:

• How to master your own shadows
• How to master shadow attacks and exposure

Shadow attacks and shadow exposure happen when you are on the receiving end.

It can happen because a lover, partner, friend, situation, organization, culture or country projects a shadow on you.

Sometimes you are simply exposed to shadows by being present somewhere.

For instance you might be in a very toxic work environment.

It doesn't necessarily mean that you are personally targeted.

Designing tactics doesn't necessarily mean having a rational plan for all options.

Shadow mastery is a way of being, thinking, emotionally responding and navigating challenges.

It is the art of skillfully improvising solutions to any challenge.
Sometimes, the challenge that hits you is simple and you have a ready made routine to tackle it.

Very often though, life will hit you with new situations you might have never met before.

You must be quick, responsive, present, sharp and smart!

What do you do if you don't have a ready made shadow recipe?

You must make up one!

What if you just have 30 sec to respond to a tough emotional challenge?


It is an art!

It is not a fixed science!

Shadow mastery is much more like playing music, surfing or nature survival.

Shadow mastery means:
• Mastering your inner game
• Mastering your mind and emotional dynamics, 
• Playing gracefully with thought patterns
• Seeing a few steps ahead
• Tackling challenges before they even arise
• And so much more

You can always progress, optimize and refine your skills!

There is no real end to this exploration.

Play and engage!

Shadow mastery is the name of this game!

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