This is one of the great mysteries I face right now.

Shadow polarization means that there is a natural drive to focus onnthe negative rather than positive.

Take this example:

you are on holiday with your lover and everything is perfect: beach, sun, paradise!

You have a small disagreement and the whole situation turns into a week long fight.

Recognize that?

Did that happen to you?

How come everything is perfect and this tiny disturbance comes in destroying your peace?

I have a few questions about that:

• Does shadow polarization only occur around certain people and places or is it universal
• Does light polarization exist equally?
• How can a simple small trigger have such massive devastating impact?

The touch of a needle on a balloon will make it blast.

That's because of pressure.

If civil unrest is already happening and a teenager gets killed by police by mistake, that's enough to trigger a civil war.

A husband might become physically abusive to his wife because of a tiny trigger.

All these situations have something in common: accumulated pressure, irritation, frustration, anger.

These qualities are present but contained until a small trigger activates the energetic release.

This small trigger can be a tiny hole in this massive dam!

It doesn't need to be big.

A tiny crack in the wall is enough vulnerability to bring total destruction.

That's called a disturbance in the force.

The force field can be strong but it can take a small imperfection for the whole system to collapse.

A simple mistake in a perfect software can cause the collapse of the system.

A tiny virus can bring the end of life.

Everything is healthy except for this tiny virus and that's enough to bring death!

Amazing isn't it?

So, the question is:

Does it work as well the other way round?

Let's find some examples.

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