Part of our job as individuals is to master and tame our animal instincts!

Our instincts, mind, emotions, feelings, thoughts must work for us, with us, not against us.

Your sexual energy must be your best ally!

If you feel enslaved by sexual impulses that overpower you and put you in trouble, then you want to shift that.

It is like surfing the ocean waves!

Waves are like your passion, your instincts!

The goal is not to shut them down!

It is to use them, play with them, master them, tame them!

That's what you want to do with your sexual energy!

You want to be able to play with it, direct it, activate it and even shut it down at will!


Because you are the master of your instincts, not its slave!

Does this fit our human evolution?

Is this part of the plan?

Yes! Absolutely!

You look at various spiritual traditions and all lead to the same ideas.

Master your mind, your emotions, develop new skills, meditate, develop peace, activate your power and presence at will!

In the tarot system, a little tamed white dog stands next to the fool.

The fool is the spirit.

The tamed dog is the mind.

It is white clear and pure!

That's the process of evolution we are engaged into!

Tarot Key 8 - Strength - Same story!

The queen is taming the red lion!

The lion is symbol for the kundalini and instinctual nature!

The queen is clearly in charge!

Holding the red lion's mouth open!

That's our job as human beings!

It is to master our animal impulses!

By mastery I don't mean control or shutting down!

I mean using and directing in the best possible way.

Remember Avatar, the movie, right?

They ride these horses and dragons and create this perfect synchronized unit!

That's an archetype or metaphor for our collaboration with our animal instincts!

That's EXACTLY where we want to be as a human race!

If we shut down our animal instincts, we die!

We want to use and direct that energy consciously!

That's the path to mastery!

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