Here is what I believe

a few thousand years ago, sex was very free and open.

Most of the shame and guilt we experience today didn't exist.

We were very sexually active because there were little restrictions.

It was happening in and out of marriage.

It was happening from a young age too.

The trouble was that it was a bit of a mess.

Many children being born that society could support.

Tensions! Conflicts! Jealousy!

Suddenly an order came in

"You shall not commit adultery"


Because it creates too much trouble in society!

It is through this type of social and religious impulses that sex suddenly became regulated, directed, stopped.

It was not yet shameful, shame came after.

But it was against the law of god.

That's just an example and I believe that this impulse came from many sources.

The challenge is that these sexual restrictions led to internal conscience conflict.

One one hand you have the animal instinct that drives you to sex.

And then you have these newly created social sexual rules that want to lock in your natural sex impulses.

I believe that in these ancient times, giving sexual expression some direction was a good thing.

As a human race, we needed to build civilization and part of our role is to tame and master our animal instincts.

It is what happens next that brings trouble.

In today's world, these sexual rules and restrictions create this sexual vehicle which is often trapped in guilt, shame, fear, trauma.

These are dysfunctions of our sexual energy!

This leads to rape, porn, sexual abuse and many more sexual dysfunctional sexual behaviors.

This means that today, our human race needs sexual healing and harmonization.

95% of the dysfunctions around sex are useless and no longer serve us.

Most of the rules, shame, guilt, fears can be wiped out for good!

It's time for these old patterns to be cleared out!

To do that, we have to design new sexual mind patterns and behaviors.

We need to tap in new ways of relating to and using our sexual energy!

This is where sexual activation comes in.

That's the big picture!

Where do you start?

You start with yourself!

Why because you need to get it right inside of you before you start influencing others!

You need to experiment, sexually wake up, develop a new sexual vehicle that is coherent, sustainable and really works for you.

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