When soft shadows like sadness, separation, isolation, insecurity or pain hit you, the idea is to stay centered or connected with yourself, with your essence.

With these ones, the target is to energetically activate them so that you are comfortable with them passing by.

With emotions like anger, frustration, rage, you can see the energy blast.

It probably already makes sense how you can use this intense fire.

What about sadness or insecurity.

Those create a weakness and depressed state.

What's the tactic when a soft shadow hits you?

How do you handle it?

Imagine that your partner is sad.

You will do what you can to cheer them up.


Because sadness makes you uncomfortable.

You feel that sadness is not a good state to be in.

You try to avoid or change it.

When it hits you, you don't enjoy it.

You don't say "Yay! I am sad today! Let's use that energy to have the best day ever!"

If someone is sad at a party, do you see people gathering around them?

All that is ok!

How do you handle sadness, soft shadows and similar emotions?

Why was sadness designed?

What is its purpose?

Your reaction to sadness could be:

"I can see the essential beauty behind my sadness and my insecurity. I touch on a moment of grace as insecurity or shame hit me"

You stay present in the core of your soft shadow.

You don't avoid it.

You watch it and you feel it.

The common reaction is to avoid it.

You don't want to feel your sadness.

Let's shift that.

Feel it!

Enjoy it!

Experience its refined sweetness.

Sadness doesn't need to leave.

It can stay.

You accept it.

You embrace it.

Don't get attach to it.

Simply feel it.

Be comfortable with it.

The moment it is ready to shift, let it shift.

You can do that with your sadness.

You can do that with your partner, child or friend's sadness.

You can practice that will all soft shadow emotions like insecurity, depression or isolation.

Back to this essential question:

Why were these emotions designed.

What is the purpose of sadness in human life?

Let's explore.

Sadness is:

  • Letting go
  • Accepting
  • The end of something
  • The death of something
  • Depressed energy states
  • A feeling of loss
  • Separation
  • Longing without being able to reach
  • Etc
In nature, you have natural movements of energy.

They are energy rhythms.

Sometimes, you are on a high, at the beginning or the peak of something.

Sometimes you are at the end, death or low point.

Sadness is an emotion that matches a low energy point.

Because you want to be on a high of course, you jump from low to high.

If you feel sad at home, you will go out to change your emotions.

You will do what you can to avoid being in a low energy state.

Sadness is the ability to be in low energy, death or separation.

It is an ability to accept the energy withdrawal.

It is the power to master separation.

The ability to be sad is a skill!

It is a power!

It is a state of being you can embrace and cultivate.

You can receive it with grace.

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